About Us

The all in one hospitality ordering platform

Who is Grayza?

Grayza was founded in 2019 by people who hate queues. We were frustrated. We had experienced first hand the inconveniences and inefficiencies in the hospitality space for both businesses and consumers. We cooked up Grayza as an all in one hospitality ordering platform that could provide a solution to those problems. 

Today Grayza has gone from a “wouldn’t-this-be-great” idea to a game-changing tool for hospitality. Grayza helps venues increase their revenues, improve business efficiencies and unlock the potential of automation. Grayza helps customers by providing a better all around customer experience through technology. Win win.

Why Choose Grayza?

At Grayza we have one objective – to help hospitality businesses around the world be more prepared for the future. We do this by introducing systems of efficiency optimised by a data driven strategy. In other words, we’ve created a platform that will simply help your business perform better autonomously. 

Grayza’s platform is proven to increase your average order value and the frequency of transactions, all while reducing the ever climbing labour costs of running a hospitality venue. Grayza will increase your customers’ enjoyment of your venue, and build loyal, returning enthusiasts. 

Grayza also offers you a unparalelled service and support that will help you pivot your business into the future of the hospitality industry. Now is the time to elevate to the next level.

We get you.

We understand how the whole hospitality experience can be better for everyone. And we understand what you need to make that happen. So, we put it all in Grayza and more.

At Grayza we’re fighting a war against queues, against poor customer experience and against overworked wait staff. We want to make the experience better for both the customers and our venue partners. 

Whether your business is small or large, a taco truck or a nationally franchised restaurant, Grayza’s features are optimised to offer the latest in web and app-based ordering technology to suit your needs. We aim to be a multi-use tool for consumers to order and pay, and for venues to receive orders across all of their hospitality interactions day to day. 

What does this mean for you? It means your customers get minimal waiting times and more convenience, you get happier customers. 

At Grayza we believe your customers should be able to access information on your venue and know what options are best suited to their tastes and needs. After all, that’s what Garyza is all about.