Venue Features

Details, details.

Grayza’s features are designed to help you have more ease and simplicity in your venue. And, of course, create more orders and more revenue.

Here’s what you get with Grayza

Flexible Payment Methods

No more worrying about what payment types your customers need. We’re all about convenience.

Showcase Preferred Items
Feature your high margin products at the top of the menu to grab your customers’ attention.
Free Set Up

There’s no hardware needed and no installation costs with Grayza. Your setup is completely free!

Revolutionise Your Marketing

Using Facebook Pixel alongside Grayza allows you to track all the visitors to your digital menu and create an audience of those people. This means you can later target these customers and customers like them on your social media campaigns.. Don’t waste resources boosting posts to complete strangers. Let your customers know what you’re cooking up next!

Access Your Customers (Opt In)

View and export customer data and purchase behaviour to let your customers know your latest specials, changes and promotions.

Manage Orders and Communicate

Manage your orders and communicate with your customers. Customers are more satisfied when they are aware of the progress of their orders.

Reduce Labour Costs

Grayza will allow your staff to focus their time on the things that matter – food preparation, venue management and delivering orders to tables more efficiently. Now you can focus your wages on the higher-yielding services, increasing your dollar per cost return.

No Theft or Mistaken Orders

No payment, means no order. Remove the risk of dine-and-dash and meal theft in your venue and eliminate wait staff error.

Sales Trends

Get access to simple sales and trends reporting by accessing your order history. Make real time strategic business decisions to deliver optimal solutions to your operations.

POS Integration

We can easily integrate with your desired point of sale system. We can also help you find the integration system that will help you get the most out of Grayza. Or you can simply operate using our venue admin portal.

Customer Feedback

Customers can submit feedback directly to the venue manager through our quick feedback portal as opposed to posting complaints publicly.

Menu Features


Our digital and interactive menu lets customers engage and learn more about your menu.

Dietary Filters

Customers can apply interactive dietary filters to their food selections fast and simply.

Sold Outs

List items as inactive as soon as they sell out through our easy-to-use admin portal. (And when we say easy, we mean easier to manage then a social media page!)


Our interactive kitchen display screen enables you to filter orders by type, preparation points, menu categories and much, much more. So, you can optimise your venue’s operations depending on your day-to-day, hour-by-hour business needs.

Lost your customer?

Grayza’s simple-to-use kitchen display screens lets customers know if you can’t find them in your venue so they can come to you.

Instant Updates

Update your menu items in real time, including availability, pricing and photos.

Batch Orders

Some apps can leave you with 30 dockets for one table. Not great or efficient. But Grayza intuitively combines your dine-in food orders to reduce kitchen dockets and streamline your operations.

Easy Menu Builder

We have worked with some of the top user experience designers in Australia to establish a simple to use, manage and set up menu builder. It takes seconds to set up Grayza and we can help at no extra cost.

Live Updates

All updates are live, so you can adapt on the fly!

Your Branding

Personalise your menu with your imagery, logos and themes to create an artistic flare around your brand that excites customers.

Smart Ordering

Optimise you venue and boost your revenues through new revenue streams

Google Orders

Once you’ve set up your digital menu on Grayza you can create a Google order link enabling you to drive pick-up orders directly from your Google Business Page or via Google search results.

Instagram and Facebook Orders

You can also create an order link enabling you to drive pick-up orders directly from your Facebook or Instagram pages. Customers can also click your order link on your social media account in the venue and manually select their table number. Reduce phone orders by directing customers directly to your social media.

Website Ordering

Create a link directly from your website to your digital menu for pick-up or in-venue ordering. A great way to convert traffic from your website to your store through the tap of a button.

Counter Ordering

Running short of staff? Or want to operate more efficiently? Convert your venue to complete mobile ordering and have a QR code placed on display at the counter. Customers can place their orders from their mobile phone, so you can focus your time and your staff’s time on meal delivery and meal preparation.


Who said you can only sell food and drinks? Give your die-hard customers your branded merch – a great way to promote your venue!.

 Benefits of Grayza

Increased Revenue

Customers spend up to 25% more per bill when using mobile ordering systems like Grayza.


Convert More Sales

No lines and no waiting means customers will be more encouraged to visit your venue.


Recommend items to your customers just before check out that may compliment their order adding more to your revenue streams.

You can try a
Demo of Graza

We’re happy to give you a live demo of Grayza so you can see all the benefits of integrating Grayza into your venue with a tailored solution that works for you. Just fill out the form, or give us a call.

We’re in your corner.

Grayza’s dedicated team will be in your corner every step of the way. We’ll coach you and your team about how to optimise your venue to succeed with us.


We’ll take the work out of digitising your paper menu into your new digital masterpiece so that it’s how you like it. Once your menu is built we’ll help you test the whole ordering experience with you and your team.


We can arrange a professional food photographer to shoot your entire menu. Not only that, you get to keep the media we snap and use the images as content for your social media and digital marketing campaigns. You can use these images to retarget your customers using our clever back-end facebook pixel tool to remind your customers what they’re missing out on every time they open their phone.We’re giving big business marketing to all our venue partners.

Staff training

Our team will organise a training session to guide you and set your staff up with all the information they need to work well with Grayza.

Local support

Our support team is based in Brisbane but can be with you virtually wherever you are in the world, at a moment’s notice. We always love to make face-to-face connections and would love to know the unique story of your venue.